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The new Radio Lobo app is now available! It’s like nothing we’ve had before.
It’s built for the BEST streaming experience – that means we go where you go now!

Check out a few of the cool features: 
Song Text Notifications – flag your favorite hits and we’ll text you when that song is up next
Last played List – want to know what just played – check the song list
Upgraded Uninterrupted Streaming Experience – we’ll keep playing even while you’re scrolling
On Demand Content – catch up on La Chokolata
Rate Songs- Give us your vote on what we play
Open Mic Feature – send a voice message direct to El Tigre & El Tlaxcalteca
Alarm Clock – set your app to wake you up to El Tigre each morning

All the local news, music and fun you deserve!
The new app is waiting for you in the apple store or google play store – download it today

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